Keveri family and Joakim Håkans agree to form a joint venture.

In the joint venture the complete fleet of vessels with experience and knowhow from 23 years of operations within Keveri family business Merikuriiri – Sea Courier Oy Ltd will be combined with the fleet of Alfons Håkans barges and workboats. Additionally, Sea Courier OÜ will have access to the resources of the 75-year-old marine operator, Alfons Håkans.

Keveri’s company has also operated in international waters as France, UK, Netherlands and the whole Baltic Sea Region have offered opportunities to this flexible player. Contracts in the home waters and in the international territories have included archipelago transportation, dredging & drilling and harbour construction to communities, cities, commercial harbours and energy industry.   

The combined fleet of the new company includes professional heavy-duty tools from dredgers, split hopper & flat top barges to workboats and excavators etc.

“There is a strong synergy between our companies and joining forces leads to a solid win-win case. Keveri’s innovative tools and methods together with Håkans’ sea towage experience and unequalled fleet create a competitive combination within the marine construction field”summarizes the dynamic duo, Joakim Håkans and Jussi Keveri, the future views of the new company.

Sea Courier OÜ is a medium-size harbour and fairway construction company with the flexibility of a small operator and muscles of a big company.

Further information:

Jussi Keveri, +358-400-595 555 /

Joakim Håkans, +358-50-63304 /

Miki Keveri, +358-500-595-555 /

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