Alfons Håkans Group

Alfons Håkans Group continues to operate today as a family business. The company and its owners take pride in providing reliable services to the customers. Alfons Håkans offers a range of transportation and logistics services, including towage, salvage and icebreaking.

Based on several decades of local experience, Alfons Håkans provides you with safe and efficient year around towage for all vessels and in all situations in Finnish and Estonian ports. We have been the most trusted harbor towage company in Finland since 1945. We have provided our high-quality services also in Estonia since 2004. Our services are available even in Latvia via PKL Flote, a Latvian tugboat company part of Alfons Håkans group. Tens of thousands of harbor towages where the skills, competence, communication, and experience have been put to the test, speak for themselves. Quality is assured as we hold ISO and ISM certification. Our crews are local and highly professional and the close collaboration we have with our customers, pilots, linesmen and port authorities ensures we work to fulfil our commitment to our customers.

We make it happen when it matters the most to you – in rough conditions, when time is short, and safety is not to be compromised.

Further companies belonging to Alfons Håkans Group are: Finntugs in Kotka, FC Inter TurkuVeritas Stadion and Åbo Båtvarv / Ruissalon Telakka.

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