Prompt and professional assistance in case of an accident

Many factors play a key role in reducing the number of accidents at sea e.g. advanced technical equipment, safe routing and greater awareness through improved quality and safety systems to name but a few. However, due to the very nature of the shipping industry there will always be a risk element and prompt and professional assistance is essential should an accident occur.

Alfons Håkans salvage capabilities are well known to many of the leading insurance brokers and hull underwriters throughout the world, especially due to the high profile salvage of the grounded passenger vessel ”Sally Albatross” and the capsized container feeder ”Janra”. Our tugs are ready for immediate dispatch to the scene of an accident and the majority of our fleet are fully equipped for the most demanding of salvage operations. Alfons Håkans is a member of the International Salvage Union and has performed over 30 salvage cases in the last ten years.

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