Sea Towage

Smooth and safe sea towages in the Baltic Sea area

Alfons Håkans’ tugs regularly perform sea towages in the Baltic Sea area in various forms. Whether it’s towing hulls, vessels for repairs, dry-docks, barges, floating cranes, renewable or offshore equipment. We make it happen!

We offer a comprehensive solution tailored to our clients’ specific needs in the Baltic Sea area. This includes preparing for the voyage, considering factors like weather conditions, wave heights, currents, and available ports of refuge within the Baltic Sea region. We provide full turn-key solutions with tugs, towmasters and mooring teams. Our tugs are purpose-built for short and long-distance ocean towages. From our extensive and diverse fleet, we also have leading and assisting tugs available when needed.

Alfons Håkans has a proven track record of safely delivering towed objects in the Baltic Sea area. Our experienced tug crews enable us to provide a 24/7 service year-round.

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