PKL Flote, a member of Alfons Håkans Group, has strengthened and modernized its fleet with a new ASD tug Altair. The latest delivery is a Robert Allan Ltd. designed Ramparts 2200 Class 50t BP ASD tug, the 8th of the series from Sanmar.

Tugboat series “Sirapinar” was chosen due to its combination of technical characteristics and high quality. Tugs compact size, good maneuverability in combination with power makes it ideal for Ventspils port where she mainly will operate. Altair has even been modified by means of ice-strengthening the hull to operate also in icy conditions.

PKL Flote, part of the Alfons Håkans Group, is a Latvian tugboat company specialized in harbor and sea towage in the ports of Ventspils and Riga. Since Altair joined the fleet PKL Flote operates with seven modern and powerful ASD tugs.

Altair – Ramparts 2200 Class ASD Tugboat

Length, overall: 22.40 metres
Breadth, moulded: 10.84 metres
Depth least moulded: 4.40 metres
Main Propulsion: 3000 kW
Guaranteed Speed Ahead: 11 knots
Guaranteed Bollard Pull Ahead: 50 tons

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