Alfons Håkans’ tug Zeus of Finland is taking part in the Vattenfall’s Kriegers Flak Offshore Wind Farm construction project. The wind farm in the Baltic Sea is expected to be in full production by the end of 2021.

Zeus of Finland is charted by Van Oord for Vattenfall. She started already in May by towing heavy lift installation vessel Svanen from Vlissingen NL to the wind farm construction area. Since then Zeus has been towing monopiles, weighing up to 800 tons, from Rostock to the offshore construction site located 15-40 kilometers off the Danish coast.

The monopile foundations, 72 in total, are towed using plugs weighing 25 and 45 tons, at the ends of the monopiles to make them airtight and floating. Once the pile is lifted from its floating position by the crane of Svanen the plugs are removed and loaded on the deck of Zeus of Finland for transport back to Rostock. These plugs will then be installed into the next monopile in the port of Rostock before it is towed out to the construction site.

Zeus continues to deliver monopiles to the Kriegers Flak Offshore Wind Farm construction site until September 2020.

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