Alfons Håkans has successfully refloated the barge Trias on late Sunday evening 19 January 2020. The barge was aground on protected Natura 2000 area on Latvian shore.

Estonian Raduga Shipping’s barge Trias (overall length 101 m. & breadth 19 m.) was under tow when the towline parted during poor weather on 31 December 2019. Consequently, the barge drifted aground near Ventspils, Latvia.

Preparations for salvage, led by Salvage Master Pekka Arasola, started immediately on 5 January 2020 after Alfons Håkans was contracted to salve the barge. Tugs Thor and Poseidon were quickly mobilized to the area. Yet heavy swell slowed down the process.

– Because of temperate winter, weather on Baltic Sea has been extremely windy. Since the coast area of Latvia is exposed to SW winds the salvage was demanding. Nevertheless, safe salvage carried with minimal environmental impact was our utmost priority. We thank local authorities for efficient co-operation that made this possible, Managing Director Joakim Håkans summarizes.

The barge was not damaged during the process. Neither did it cause any environmental threats. The barge is towed to Riga to be handed back to her owners.

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